Saturday, October 26, 2013

My Mary Kay....

My Mary Kay® journey begin almost 10 months ago and it has flown by. Mary Kay® has been in my life longer than the past 10 months, I have used their products ever since I can remember!!! From the time I was young girl, my mother always had MK products under her bathroom cabinet.  I was very curious and drawn in to that pink packaging. When I entered high school, I tried out for the dance team and our go to makeup was Mary Kay®! Even from the cherry red lips and smoky eyes, I loved it all! Shout out to my girls!!!

Crazy how time flies, huh? The reason why I decided to get back into the MK world, was basically because I love the beauty world. What better way than to work and play in your favorite industry. Not only do I love my MK but it allows me to stay at home with my son. Being a stay at home mom is a real blessing and I could not be any luckier. But, staying at home taking care of our son and doing what I love, perfect! 
On top doing YouTube tutorials and blogging, MK allows me to help girls/ladies with all their beauty needs. Anywhere from makeup, skin care, beauty tools and to keep that dreaded aging at bay for a little longer :).
I will say this, I am not a pushy sales person and that is not how I want to be perceived. I am here for you when you want me and when you ask. I am easy going and have a simple way of contact, what ever is easiest for you! I do phone, text, email, web, you name it, I can do it!
We can always throw a fun party too!
Delicious snacks, mmm!

Tons of party ideas, this was a Foot Spa Party!

For a simple way of ordering or just to browse around my MK page, here's my Link.
Here are a few fun links to Beauty quizzes and games.
- Take the @play poll
- Find your foundation fit
- Take the skin type quiz to find the formula that's right for you
- Ever wonder if selling Mary Kay® is for you? Take the Dream it, Do it quiz.

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