Saturday, November 9, 2013

Frumpy to Fabulous

Hey Ya'll!

Living overseas for 3 years deprived me of many, wonderful American fads, with Antiquing being one. Don't get me wrong, there were opportunities to find some great pieces over there, but nothing that was tickling my fancy at the time. Ever since we moved to North Carolina, I made it a point to find some local Antique stores. I can definitely say I found the Mother Load!!! I have been to my shop so many times over the past 6 months that they know me, my son, and my car when I pull up! I love small towns and the overall kindness within. I have a great relationship with my local antique shop, where I bring them recyclable bags and they offer up help with a tape measure or even help carrying Colt's stroller up their stairs to the second floor. Their store is 2 stories tall and the second floor goes on for days....I can literally spend hours in there (permitting Colt is in the mood), the other day I was in there for almost 2 hours. Colt played with a vintage McDonald's toy, he loved it!

Today I wanted to share with you a few recent finds and how I made them fabulous...

Bread Crates
Back in September when Bryan's Sister was here, I took her to my antique store to show her the amazingness! We found the perfect wall filler for the huge empty wall in my living room. I have been leaving this spot open, waiting for something to jump at me and these did just so!
They are old bread crates and I knew immediately what I was going to do with them. They were perfect! Allison bought these for us as a house warming gift, Thank You again Allison!
At $15 each, I easily had new shelves!

Don't you just love the texture of these! (I also purchased the blue tinted mason jars from the antique store) With a few extra pieces from Hobby Lobby they are slowly coming together.
*I wrapped the wine bottles about 8 months ago and they worked perfectly.
Old Cheese Box
Credit goes to Allison on this lovely idea! She also purchased one and put rocks in the bottom of hers, I went for Corks. We drink to much wine! I placed this on my entry way table made out of a pallet (coming soon). $12
Old Glass Pane Windows

These are both located in my entry way on opposite sides. The top one I placed on the pallet table just leaning against the wall and behind the hanging wreath. $15
The bottom pic is a little bit bigger window that still has the old ropes attached from the pulley systems in old houses. Really cool! I just tied those into bows, while still attached, and glued them to the window with hot glue. I currently have a few baby photos of Colt and a couple family photos, so I blacked them out for privacy :) please excuse the black squares. $25
Chicken Wire Tractor
By far one of my favorite finds, it's just so unique. I needed something extra to pair with my blue mason jars on the mantle and I fell in love with the tractor as soon as I saw it! It's definitely a new texture I haven't played with yet, but its growing on me. $8
Please excuse me while I run to the Antique store again :D
Stay tuned for more very soon as I am seeking pieces for our guestroom this week!
Until next time,


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