Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Guest Room Inspiration

Hey Ya'll!

First of all, Happy November! We're getting so close to December, the very best month of the year! (49 Days till Christmas!) But, first we get to indulge in Thanksgiving and eat 'till our heart's content. Who doesn't love to eat 'till you're about to pop? I know I do! Then cuddle myself up on the couch and take a nap while the boys watch football. Give me a blanket and I'm set!

Speaking of Thanksgiving, Bryan's parents are coming to NC and will be here in 16 days! I am so very excited  but, I'm running out of much needed time. I would like to have our guest room completed or slightly more homey for them. I've had these ideas fluttering around in my head like little butterflies, just wanting to escape and work their designing magic. I have been measuring up fireplace mantles at my local antique stores and I think it will be the perfect focal point of the room as the headboard. I want the Guest Room to be warm, cozy and make our guest want to stay for a very long time!

In a perfect little world with my butterflies, this is what comes to mind. I stumbled across this cozy little masterpiece of a bedroom on Houzz, by The Old Painted Cottage. Just check out the rest of the photos under her Houzz and you will see why I say "masterpiece". Even down to the paint colors makes me want to run straight to Lowes!

 I was skimming through Craigslist the other day and found the above beauty. The possibilities are endless with this piece! I would start with a tufted inlay where the fireplace goes, painting it a bone white with an antique finish, hanging a mirror above the mantle....oh I could go on for days! The mantle has great potential and I would give it a lovely home. You might ask, what am I waiting for? Well, the captain needs a little convincing and its a little on the large side. Can you believe it's well below $200? If only he can be convinced, that beauty would be ours. Isn't this the purpose of a pickup truck? I could make a Ford commercial out of this!

Ok, enough of my whining, back to my guest room that needs a little love! Here is what she looks like in her waiting....

To the right is a window and the wall I'm against by the door has a media center with a T.V. that isn't plugged in. :/ Not very cheery here. Lets give this room a little virtual love....

Recently I have found the world of Polyvore and it's awesome! I created the above picture in my Polyvore account here. You can see where I found all of the pieces in my design and their prices. Polyvore is just Amazing!!! I want to give the room warm neutral colors with subtle hints of gold and navy blue. Who knows, maybe this will be our master room now. Here are a few extra pieces I would love to add to the room...


I hope ya'll enjoy my inspiration for the guest room, if you have any helpful DIY projects to help complete my room, PLEASE SHARE! I would love to see your projects and inspirations. In all honesty, I can't go out and buy every single piece for the guest room. Especially with my wine taste on a beer budget. (hehehe) I would love to go on a shopping spree to Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn but, maybe one day, until then it's DIY I will go! Now I'm off to convince the Captain on this beautiful headboard! Stay tuned for more updates on the room :)

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