Sunday, November 10, 2013

Project Stool

Hey Ya'll!
In my last post I shared new décor pieces for the guest room. Today, I'm going to share the love I gave to the Project Stool, who needed a lot of it!  The Stool was a little wobbly with the tiniest bit of padding for a seat and a weird paint job that resembled wood of some sort. I couldn't wait to get started on her, so I went the next day to pick up a few supplies I didn't have at the house already.  It didn't take a lot of time at all. Watch me give her new life.....
Her Before Life...
Here you can see the odd paint job...
and the wonderful choice of fabric.
Not only did she have one upholster job, but 2...Vinyl! Why Vinyl? We may never know.
Process of her new life...
First I wanted to replace the seat with new fabric and cushion. I started off unscrewing the seat from the stand and removed the old fabric of choice. hehe, just wait....
Here is the Vinyl in all it's glory of a marbled blue!

I took off the first layer and then the Vinyl. Then to my surprise....there was more! This lovely but very grotesque green fabric. I can tell this fabric lived on the stool for quite some time. You can see in the discoloration that it has been a while since its first upholstery job. I wanted gloves at this point, I might need to invest in some :)
After removing the 3 layers of fabric and the tiniest of padding, the wood was in great condition still. I gathered all my supplies for the seat and measured out the foam padding. I laid the wood on top of the foam and outlined with a sharpie. I cut the foam with a serrated knife and hot glued it to the wood. Here it's shown with 1" foam, I ended up layering up and making it 2", because I wanted it thicker. I just glued the second layer to the bottom one.
* I used a low heat glue gun so it wouldn't melt the foam. 
Next, I took the fabric and batting to measure for the seat. I laid the fabric down with the wood on top and measured 5" out from the wood all the way around. Then I did the same with the batting. ( I eyed the batting, so it's not perfect)
*For the fabric I chose a desert sand color in linen.
I laid the fabric down first and then the batting.


Next, after laying the wood and foam (foam-side facing down) down in the middle, I started pulling up the sides and stapling. Continuing all the way around till all sides are secure.

When the seat was complete, I started on the base. First, I sanded down any chipped paint, wood or uneven spots I didn't like. I then went around hammering in any nails making their way out and hammering the pegs back in place. This helped with the sturdiness of the stool. I wiped her down and started painting. I choose antique white by Valspar. It's the perfect "off white" for accent pieces in the guest room. I'm loving the Valspar "paint and primer in one" for my small projects, because its saving me a little time from having to paint the first layer of primer.
* Now for projects with a painted surface, I will use a primer for a little extra smoothness for the first coat.
After giving it a second coat of paint, (not pictured) I let it dry for about 20 minutes and attached the seat. She is now showing off her new beauty in the guest room waiting for her new bed set to pair up with! I'm thinking of tufting the seat, but first I want to see how the stool fits in when the room is complete. Then I will make my decision!
What are your thoughts? The colors are natural and bright but I believe they will still feel very cozy when it's all pulled together. Check out the before and after transformation below! 


It still amazes me how much a little paint, fabric and TLC will transform a piece!
Until next time,

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