Sunday, November 10, 2013

Guest Room Decor

Hey Ya'll,

This might be short and sweet, but some times it's nice to get straight to the point, right? A couple posts ago I shared my desire to redecorate my guest room before my In-laws made it in for Thanksgiving. So, on Thursday I made it a point to go to the Antique store to see if they had any goodies for decorating the room, I did succeed! I also found my fireplace mantle for the headboard at another local antique shop, but will have to wait till next week to go get it. Eeeeek I"m excited!

The Loot!
Old Bench
Isn't the shape of this bench time catching? I saw this piece for a whopping $15 and wanted to put it at the end of my bed, next to an old crate filled with blankets :). This is the only piece I got that will not be going in the guest room.
 *I'm thinking of leaving this bench just as is, I'm loving this stain!


Old Books- Circa 1900-1940's
For the guest room I was in search of some old books to put on the night stand or on the mantle. I knew the antique shop had a bunch of old books, so my mission was to find the right ones.
From bottom to top:
-The blue book is "For Whom the Bell Tolls" by Ernest Hemingway, 1940's. I was overjoyed when I found a "classic"! $4
-The red book is "Joanna Godden" by Sheila Kaye-Smith, 1922. This is a novel of a young woman who inherits her father's sheep farm after he passes. It follows her life through running the farm herself and her love life. I looked up reviews for the novel and it had greats ones! Including reviews, I found a film called "The Loves of Joanna Godden" and I am very interested in watching it now! ( It might be in black and white, pumped!) $1
- The black book is "The Rosary" by Florence L. Barclay, 1909. A novel about undying love. I just love a good love story and this one was the #1 Best selling novel in 1910!!! I looked up the Author and I just couldn't get enough of her, I wanted to keep reading. Read HERE! This is just a little bio on Wiki and its just enough understand her life. $4
-The brown book is "The Phonetic Cardinal". I was looking up info on this book and really couldn't find anything. Bryan and I skimmed through it, we believe its a type of language work book for a foreign language. (see picture above) The reason why I scooped this one up is because, through out the book there are many notes and doodles. In the very back of the book are a few love letters and I couldn't help imagine the woman that wrote these :) $1
*I want to go back very soon and sift through more books!

Antique Spool of Thread and Mini Paper Mache Dress Form
I found this spool laying in a box with paper tube spools galore. This was the only metal one I found and envisioned it on the mantle in the guest room. I wish there was more. $14 yikes!
The dress form I found lying on a shelf and I was immediately drawn to it. I'm not sure exactly what I will do with it yet, but she will find a home, I promise! $5

Vintage Luggage Rack
The luggage rack, by far, was the most expensive item I got. At $27 I still wanted it because it was one of the "must haves" on the list for the guest room. I am still trying to decide if I want to paint him white. Thoughts? You can see here there are a few dents and scratches that give it character but I'm torn on whether to paint it or not. A luggage rack is perfect for a guest room, so your guests can have their suitcase up off the floor and at a more comfortable level.

Project Stool
This stool has definitely seen better days and I couldn't wait to give her some lovin'. You can probably tell I couldn't wait to get started on her, she didn't even go in the back room! (blog post soon on her progress) I got this stool for a steal at $10 and she was labled, "Project Stool". I scooped her up and brought her home. She will go at the end of the guest bed to help our guest tie their shoes or just have a comfy seat :)

I can not wait to add these pieces to our guest room in the next couple of weeks and to find some more fun items to join them! Stay tuned for updates where they end up and how I personalize them to make them "ours".

Until next time,

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